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Not to be confused with the pet Zombie Buffalo.

The Zombie Buffalo Plush is a limited uncommon toy item in Adopt Me! obtainable from the 2018 Halloween Event for Candy Icon.png 150. It now can only be obtained through trading. Like many plushies, it serves no purpose besides being a fun, cosmetic item to play with. To interact with this toy, a player clicks their screen to hug the plush.


The Zombie Buffalo Plush features a mint green body with a brown mane. It has a green head and medium-sized white horns. The front legs are brown and the back legs are white with a whitetail.

This item is very similar to the Zombie Buffalo pet, the difference being the size.


  • This was the cheapest item in the whole event and was considered the easiest to obtain due to this.
  • The Zombie Buffalo appears to be based off this plush.