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Winterkin was an NPC previously located in front of the Winter Castle that was added to the game as part of the Winter Holiday (2020) on December 15, 2020. Winterkin gives the player riddles, which lead to the three pieces of the Snowball Launcher or to the locations of the five snowmen that need to be built by the player. Winterkin can no longer be found in-game, as their respective event has ended.


Winterkin has white skin and hair. On top of the hair, it has ice-shaped horns. He wears a dark blue, long sleeve shirt with ice shards sprouting on top of his shoulders. He also wears a belt and light blue pants.



When a player first interacts with Winterkin, this is their dialogue:

"Greetings! I am Winterkin, spirit of the snow. I am the Winter Hinter! Have you been looking for something for some time? I will assist you, but only in rhyme!"


Snowball Launcher

These riddles were for the Snowball Launcher pieces.

Riddle Answer
With houses behind and friends ahead,
And a long bridge in between
Carefully Winterkin looks around
And wonders what else can be seen
The gifts are next to the bridge above the Neon Cave near the Neighborhood entrance.
Winterkin sees a blue pirate ship
Jolly and merry and bright
Next to it something interesting sits
An intriguing site
The gifts are near the Accessory Shop.
Near a building white as snow
Hidden amongst the trees
Winterkin spots something not usually there
And ponders what it could mean
The gifts are to the right of Green Groceries.


These riddles were for the snowmen that had to be built around Adoption Island.

Riddle Answer
Beside a bridge, beneath a tree
What is this Winterkin can see?
The snowman is near bridge that is close to the tunnel to the Neighborhood.
Next to the best shop, deep in the woods
Winterkin explores and finds something good
The snowman is towards the right of the Camping Store.
There is a red building, with a white bone
Winterkin spies a strange object below
The snowman is at the front of the entrance to the Nursery.
Near the water and the wooden dock
Winterkin finds an exciting spot
The snowman is near the wooden dock by the Camping Store and Campsite.
The nurse and the doctor hide away here
Winterkin looks, there are secrets near
The snowman is at the back of the Hospital.


Winterkin comes, with snow and ice
To bring you winter, cold and nice
Frost Fury grumbles, Winterkin hears
Sounds like he's hungry, hope food is near
Winterkin finds food trapped in ice
Someone should melt it, that would be nice