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The Winter Holiday (2021) was an event in Adopt Me! that was released on December 1, 2021. It lasted for 35 days, ending on January 6, 2022.

Advent Calendar

Days Presents Rarity Category
1 Gingerbread Face Flying Disc Uncommon Toys
2 Bucks.png 300 None Currency
3 Gingerbread.png 3,000 None Currency
4 Festive Top Hat Uncommon Pet Accessory
5 Bucks.png 300 None Currency
6 Festive Scarf Rare Pet Accessory
7 Gingerbread.png 4,000 None Currency
8 Pickle Elf Chew Toy Uncommon Toys
9 Bucks.png 300 None Currency
10 x2 Translucent Tea Potion Rare Food
11 Festive Star Pin Common Pet Accessory
12 Gingerbread.png 5,000 None Currency
13 Icicle Pogo Stick Rare Toys
14 x2 Big Brew Potion Rare Food
15 Bucks.png 300 None Currency
16 Candy Cane Grappling Hook Uncommon Toys
17 Gingerbread.png 5,000 None Currency
18 Festive Stocking Shoes Rare Pet Accessory
19 Eggnog Hat Uncommon Pet Accessory
20 Bucks.png 300 None Currency
21 Candy Cane (Pet Accessory) Uncommon Pet Accessory
22 Gingerbread House Throw Toy Common Toys
23 Gingerbread.png 10,000 None Currency
24 Festive Ice Skates Rare Vehicle
25 St Bernard Ultra-Rare Pet


Minigames are ways for players to earn Gingerbread.png Gingerbread. There are 3 minigames in this event.

Ice Skating

This minigame takes place on the lake of Adoption Island.

In this game, the player has to skate on ice while avoiding the Penguins, which can slow the player down when ran into - they make the player stumble over, rendering them unable to move for a few seconds. As the player skates, they can collect Gingerbread.png Gingerbread by running into the animated gingerbread shapes. These shapes disappear upon collection. Each shape is worth Gingerbread.png 4. The player can get up to Gingerbread.png 640 each run.

This minigame was also present in the 2020 Winter Holiday.

Pet Rescue

This minigame can be found in the Winter Village. There are 2 teams, Team Sabertooth and Team Mammoth. The 2 teams are given two minutes to compete with each other to break their pet free before the other team. Players are randomly assigned to one of these 2 teams at the beginning of the minigame. Both pets, the Sabertooth and Woolly Mammoth, are each encased in blocks of ice and players are given a pickaxe to use to chip away the ice and free their team's pet. After being struck with the pickaxe several times, the ice block begins to slide across the ice and the player then has to chase after it to continue chipping away the ice. The ice block has the ability to knock a player down, during which time they can not continue to chip away the ice. There are also giant Penguins on the ice that have the ability to knock a player down as well with the same effect. You can get a maximum of Gingerbread.png 1,200 in one game.

Present Shuffle

This minigame, along with the Pet Rescue Minigame, is located in the Winter Village. In this game, Burt puts either coal or gingerbread in the five presents. Three presents contain gingerbread and the other two contain coal. Then, he shuffles them up. The player has to avoid opening the gifts containing coal and try to focus on the gingerbread. There are a total of three rounds in each game of present shuffle. During each round, the presents switch spots 6 times, and you can choose 3 presents to open. You can get a minimum of Gingerbread.png 150 if you do all three rounds by getting 2 coal presents and 1 present with Gingerbread.png 50 each round. You can also get a maximum of Gingerbread.png 1,200 in one game.

Walrus Box

Main article: Walrus Box
Item Image Rarity Price
Walrus Box
Walrus Box AM.png
Legendary Gingerbread.png 15,000

Obtainable Pets

Pet Image Rarity Price Pet Wear
Common Gingerbread.png 15,000 (Walrus Box) None
Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard.png
Uncommon Gingerbread.png 10,000 None
Rare Gingerbread.png 40,000 None
Summer Walrus
Summer Walrus.png
Rare Gingerbread.png 15,000 (Walrus Box) Summer Walrus Sunhat
Ultra-Rare Gingerbread.png 120,000 None
St Bernard
St Bernard.png
Ultra-Rare 2021 Advent Calendar (Day 25) None
Golden Walrus
Golden Walrus AM.png
Legendary Gingerbread.png 15,000 (Walrus Box) Golden Walrus Crown
Ice Golem
Ice Golem.png
Legendary Robux 2019 Logo Black.svg 1,000 None

Obtainable Items

Item Image Rarity Price
Figgy Pudding Chew Toy
Figgy Pudding Chew Toy.png
Common Gingerbread.png 7,500
Poinsettia Leash
Poinsettia Leash.png
Common Gingerbread.png 6,000
Festive Snow Globe Rattle
Festive Snow Globe Rattle.png
Uncommon Gingerbread.png 9,500
Gingerbread Heart Flying Disc
Gingerbread Heart Flying Disc.png
Uncommon Gingerbread.png 11,500
Sleigh Bell Throw Toy
Sleigh Bell Throw Toy.png
Uncommon Gingerbread.png 13,000
Festive Bells Balloon
Festive Bells Balloon.png
Rare Gingerbread.png 24,500
Festive Holly Propeller
Festive Holy Propeller.png
Rare Gingerbread.png 26,000
Gift Stack Pogo Stick
Gift Stack Pogo Stick.png
Rare Gingerbread.png 17,500
Festive Deliveries Present Truck
Festive Deliveries Present Truck.png
Ultra-Rare Gingerbread.png 100,000
Festive Deliveries Sleigh
Festive Deliveries Sleigh.png
Legendary Gingerbread.png 45,000
Toy Rescue Helicopter
Toy Rescue Helicopter.png
Legendary Robux 2019 Logo Black.svg 400