The Wild Boar is one of the seven pets available in the Safari Egg . It is classified as uncommon, and players had a 22.5% chance of hatching one.

The Wild Boar was added into the game with the other Safari Pets on July 5, 2019. It is now only available from trading, or if you still have a Safari Egg in your inventory to hatch.


The Wild Boar's body is color dark brown. It has a pink pig snout and two white tusks curved up. It also has dark feet.


  • Newborn: Sit
  • Junior: Lay Down
  • Pre-Teen: Bounce
  • Teen: Roll Over
  • Post-Teen: Backflip
  • Full-Grown: Dance

Neon Version

The neon version of the Wild Boar glows red on its feet, tusks, and ears.


A neon Wild Boar

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