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The Water Walking Potion is a limited rare potion in Adopt Me!. It was sold in the Sky Castle for a short amount of time in 2017. It is now unobtainable unless through trading.

*Note: Because of the limited amount of information regarding the Water Walking Potion, not much is known about its origins.*


The Water Walking Potion allows the player to walk inside of water. As players would normally float when still, or would swim when moving, the potion allows for players to walk along the ground of a body of water. It can only be drank once, and drinking it twice will not stack or improve the effects.

When used, the Water Walking Potion emits a blue cloud effect from the player. It is similar to the cloud effect which appears when the Levitation Potion is consumed, except being a different color.


The Water Walking Potion is stored in a clear bottle with a slight hourglass look in the middle. It has a dark gray cap and players can visibly see the blue liquid inside of it.