Water is classified as aย common drink in Adopt Me! that players can purchase with bucks in Adopt Me!. It can be found next to the Watermelons in the Supermarket. It costs one buck and can be used once. It is the cheapest food in the game with a price of Bucks 1. There is also a Water Cooler furniture to put in your house that gives water. The Water Cooler costs Bucks 300 . The only difference between the bottled water and the cup of water is that the cup of water leaves your inventory when you leave a game. The version you purchase from the Supermarketย is light blue, and has a dark blue and gray label.


  • Water used to be sold for five bucks and could be used seven times, but now it is sold for one buck and can only be used once.
  • Water is available for free in theย V.I.P. Room.
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