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Water is a common food item in Adopt Me!. It can be found next to the Watermelon and the Raspberry Pie in the Farm Shop which replaced the Green Groceries that was previously in Adopt Me!. It costs Bucks.png 1 and can be used to fulfill the 'Thirsty' ailment on pets and babies.

There is also a Water Cooler furniture item, which costs Bucks.png 300. It can be placed in a player's house for a player to be able to collect infinite cups of water for free. The difference between the bottled water and the cup of water is that the cup of water leaves a player's inventory when they leave a game, but the bottled water does not.


The bottled water that can be purchased from Farm Shop is light blue and has a dark blue and gray label, as well as a dark blue cap. The cup of water obtainable from the Water Cooler is in a white cup, and the dark blue liquid inside is visible.


  • Water was previously sold for Bucks.png 5 and could be used seven times, but now it is sold for Bucks.png 1 and can be used eight times.
  • A variant of the Water known as the "VIP Water" is available for free in the VIP. Room.
  • The bottle water was previously sold in the Green Groceries. However the Green Groceries was removed and it was replaced by the Farm Shop when the Farm Shop Event 2021 was released.