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The Car Showroom, which used to be one of the only ways for players to obtain vehicles in the early game. It can still be useful for new players looking for affordable transport.

Vehicles are usable items in Adopt Me!. They are designed to make getting around the Adoption Island and the Neighborhood much easier.

The Bike, the least expensive and most obtainable vehicle in Adopt Me!, which was available since the very first build of the game.

Vehicles are a huge part of Adopt Me! and have their own category in the inventory. Vehicles, like most of the other item categories, are divided into five different rarity levels: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra-Rare, and Legendary. Rarities don't indicate a vehicle's usefulness, speed, or passenger capacity. They are only used to indicate a vehicle's ability to be obtained. Many vehicles can often be nearly identical to vehicles of lower rarities (i.e. unicycles, skateboards, scooters, snowboards).

The Car Showroom in the legacy version of the game (no longer playable), showcasing five of the six total available vehicles with the launch of Adopt Me!.

The Car Showroom used to be the only way players can get vehicles with Bucks.png Bucks. Over time, more vehicles became available. The first six vehicles available with the game's launch were the Bike, the Motorcycle, the Car, the Offroader, the Convertible, and the GoKart, with the GoKart being the only vehicle only obtainable with Robux.png Robux, as it was a bonus for buying V.I.P. Vehicles can now be bought or obtained from the Car Showroom, Trading, Gifts, Events, or by buying the "Supercars Pack" or the "Royal Carriages" Gamepass.

An example of a gift vehicle being displayed in the Adoption Island town center. Each vehicle is available to be won from gifts for a little time before being replaced by another vehicle in the rotation.

A common way for players to obtain some legendary vehicles is through Gifts. A select amount of legendary vehicles that are available as prizes are often on a constant rotation, with one vehicle being chosen randomly every week or so. New vehicles are periodically added and old ones are removed. There are a total of 3 vehicles that can currently be selected as a part of the rotation, and therefore available to be obtained from a gift, those being the Dino Truck, the Imagination Box, and the Squirrel Car. Vehicles can also be obtained through trading with other players.

Ever since an update in March 2020 containing the Choo Choo Train, pets now automatically ride in their owner's vehicle, taking up a seat in the car. Most of the time you must be in the family of the owner of the vehicle to ride in the vehicle.

The color selection screen when a player obtains certain vehicles with selectable colors.

Vehicle Types

The Banana Car, a legendary vehicle available in the former gifts.


These are the different types of scooters in Adopt Me!. Every scooter functions the same, having one seat and being obtained from Gifts. Scooters are no longer available and can only be obtained from trading. Some, particularly the Neon Black Scooter, are extremely rare, even though it is classed as common, because of a glitch that led them to only be released for an hour.

Image Rarity




These are the different types of skateboards in Adopt Me!; every skateboard functions the same, having one seat and being obtained from Gifts. Skateboards are no longer available in the game and can only be obtained from trading.

Image Rarity


These are the different skins of the snowboards. All snowboards used to be obtainable from gifts and all had the common rarity, however, different Snowboards were obtainable from different gifts. Snowboards are no longer obtainable and can only be obtained from trading.

A snowboard.

Image Rarity



Legendary Gift Vehicles

Main Article: Gifts Vehicles

These are all of the vehicles that could be obtained as legendary rewards from Gifts.

Note: *Denotes that a vehicle is no longer part of the current gift rotation, and can therefore only be obtained through trading.

Image Name Seats
Bathtub* 3
Banana Car.png
Banana Car* 4
Bunny Carriage.png
Bunny Carriage* 3
Choo Choo Train.png
Choo Choo Train* 6
Cloud In Inventory.png
Cloud* 1
Dino Truck 4
Dogmobile In Inventory.png
Dogmobile* 3
Donut Cycle AM.png
Donut Cycle* 1
Hoverboard In Inventory.png
Hoverboard* 1
Hover Car Inventory.png
Hovercar* 2
Horse Cycle.png
Horse Cycle* 1
Imagination Box.png
Imagination Box 2
Mono-Moped In Inventory.png
Mono-Moped* 1
Monocycle AM.png
Monocycle* 1
Squirrel Car in Inventory transparent.png
Squirrel Car 2
Rocket Sled* 1
Travelling House.png
Travelling House* 3
Unicorn Cycle.png
Unicorn Cycle* 1

Event Vehicles

These vehicles were only obtainable during certain events and cannot be obtained after it has passed.

Note: This is not to be confused with the Event rarity.

Image Name Seats Cost/Obtained by Event Rarity
Clown Car In Inventory.png
Clown Car 2 Monkey Boxes Monkey Fairground Ultra-Rare
Clown Unicycle.png
Clown Unicycle 1 Monkey Boxes Monkey Fairground Uncommon
Cookie Unicycle.png
Cookie Unicycle 1 9th day on the Advent Calendar Christmas Event (2019) Ultra-Rare
Daisy Unicycle.png
Daisy Unicycle 1 Bucks.png 500 Spring Festival (2020) Rare
Flower Wagon In Inventory.png
Flower Wagon 2 Bucks.png 3,000 Spring Festival (2020) Ultra-Rare
Ghost Vehicle AM.png
Ghost Vehicle 1 Candy Icon.png 8,000 Halloween Event (2018) Ultra-Rare
Ice Queen Sleigh In Inventory.png
Ice Queen Sleigh 1 Christmas Gift/Golden Gift Christmas Event (2019) Ultra-Rare
Lunar Muscle Car.png
Lunar Muscle Car 2 Bucks.png 2,000 Lunar New Year (2021) Ultra-Rare
Mystery Machine.png
Mystery Machine 3 Free Scoob Event Event
Santa Sleigh In Inventory.png
Santa's Sleigh 2 Christmas Gift/Golden Gift Christmas Event (2019) Legendary
Sled 2 Christmas Gift/Golden Gift Christmas Event (2019) Rare
Pumpkin Carriage In Inventory.png
Pumpkin Carriage 2 Candy Icon.png 63,000 Halloween Event (2019) Legendary
Ribcage Carriage In Inventory.png
Ribcage Carriage 4 Candy Icon.png 3000 Halloween Event (2020) Legendary
Halloween Black Ponycycle Icon.png
Halloween Black Ponycycle 1 Candy Icon.png 3500 Halloween Event (2021) Legendary

Car Showroom Vehicles

These vehicles are (or used to be) available in the Car Showroom. They can be purchased with Bucks.png Bucks or obtained through trading. Vehicles that are no longer available in the showroom can only be obtained through trading.

Image Name Seats Cost Rarity
Muscle Car In Inventory.png
Muscle Car 2 Bucks.png 1800 Ultra-Rare
Camper Van.png
Camper Van 6 Bucks.png 1600 Rare
Offroader AM.png
Offroader 4 Bucks.png 1200 Rare
Tiny Convertible.png
Tiny Convertible 4 Bucks.png 1100 Uncommon
Car AM.png
Car 2 Bucks.png 900 Uncommon
Motorcycle In Inventory.png
Motorcycle 1 Bucks.png 400 Common
Multi-Bike 2 Bucks.png 300 Common
Bike 1 Bucks.png 75 Common
Moped (Old) 1 Bucks.png 800 (Not for sale anymore) Rare
Convertible AM.png
Convertible (Old) 2 Bucks.png 2100 (Not for sale anymore) Rare

Premium Vehicles

These vehicles can only be obtained by buying specific Gamepasses.

Image Name Obtained by Seats Rarity
GoKart Old V.I.P Gamepass (unobtainable) 1 Ultra-Rare
Limo V.I.P Gamepass 6 Ultra-Rare
Heart Hoverboard.png
Heart Hoverboard Heart Hoverboard Gamepass 1 Ultra-Rare
Prince Carriage AM.png
Prince Carriage Royal Carriages Gamepass 6 Legendary
Princess Carriage.png
Princess Carriage Royal Carriages Gamepass 6 Legendary
Royal Carriage In Inventory.png
Royal Carriage Royal Carriages Gamepass 4 Legendary
Axel AM.png
Axel Supercars Gamepass 2 Legendary
Douglas AM.png
Douglas Supercars Gamepass 2 Legendary
Tiffany In Inventory.png
Tiffany Supercars Gamepass 2 Legendary
SUV In Inventory.png
SUV Celebrity Mansion Gamepass 4 Legendary
Luxury Car AM.png
Luxury Car Millionaire Mansion Gamepass 2 Legendary
Ice Cream Truck.png
Ice Cream Truck Ice Cream Truck Gamepass 2 Legendary
Bubble Car (transparent).png
Bubble Car Ultra Cars Gamepass 4 Legendary
Magical Girl Car (transparent).png
Magical Girl Car Ultra Cars Gamepass 2 Legendary
Wing Trunk Car (transparent).png
Wing Trunk Car Ultra Cars Gamepass 2 Legendary

Star Rewards Vehicles

These vehicles can only be obtained through the Star Rewards.

Image Name Amount of Stars Seats Rarity
Human Bubble.JPG
Human Bubble 140 1 Rare
Blue Rider.jpg
Blue Rider 320 2 Rare
Rocket Racer AM.png
Rocket Racer 500 1 Ultra-Rare
Witch Caravan.png
Witch's Caravan 600 3 Legendary

Miscellaneous Vehicles

These stand-alone vehicles don't belong to any of the previous categories.

Image Name Seats Cost/Obtained by Availability Rarity
Butterfly Roller Skates.png
Butterfly Roller Skates 1 Gifts βœ— Rare
Donut Unicycle In Inventory.png
Donut Unicycle 1 Gifts βœ— Ultra-Rare
The Flying Paw Helicopter in a player's inventory.png
Fossil Paw Helicopter 4 Bucks.png 4,000 βœ— Rare
Futuristic Unicycle.png
Futuristic Unicycle 1 Gifts βœ— Rare
Magical Princess Unicycle.png
Magical Princess Unicycle 1 Gifts βœ“ Ultra-Rare
Pizza Unicycle In Inventory.png
Pizza Unicycle 1 Gifts βœ— Rare
Plant Powered Roller Skates.png
Plant Powered Roller Skates 1 Gifts βœ“ Ultra-Rare
The Racing Monoplane.png
Racing Monoplane 2 Bucks.png 3,500 βœ— Rare
Rocket Skates.png
Rocket Skates 1 Gifts βœ“ Rare
Roller Skates AM.png
Roller Skates 1 Bucks.png 300
Toy Shop
βœ— Common
Standard Unicycle.png
Standard Unicycle 1 Bucks.png 120
Toy Shop
βœ“ Common
Speedboat 2 Bucks.png 2,500 βœ— Rare
Standard Roller Skates.png
Standard Roller Skates 1 Bucks.png 300
Toy Shop
βœ“ Common
Surfboard In Inventory.png
Surfboard 1 Bucks.png 600
Pool Store
βœ“ Rare
Unicycle In Inventory.png
Unicycle 1 Bucks.png 130
Toy Shop
βœ— Uncommon


  • When a vehicle is stuck or is flipped upside down, it will usually tend to flip itself back up and launch into the air. If the vehicle failed to correct itself after the first attempt, it will keep trying until it is upright or until the player stores it in their inventory.
  • It is common for a vehicle to get stuck while traveling between the Neighborhood and the Adoption Island.
  • Vehicles also have the tendency to quickly de-spawn sometimes even immediately after being parked. In addition to this, vehicle parts can randomly disappear or become de-synced after a player exits a vehicle. It is unknown what causes this, however, it could be assumed that this is done automatically by the server to save on resources.
  • Vehicles cannot be spawned indoors (School, Houses, Hospital, etc.)
  • There are a total of three vehicles in Adopt Me! that cannot be obtained through the Trade System. These are the Limo, the Luxury Car, and the Mystery Machine. The Limo and the Luxury Car are non-tradable due to them being exclusive to their Gamepasses. The Mystery Machine was non-tradable as it was a limited-time Event item, and was only available during the Scoob Event.