For the price of ROBUX 499, you can purchase the V.I.P gamepass.

V.I.P. grants you access to the V.I.P room inside the adoption center, exclusive Limousine vehicle, a [V.I.P] chat tag, and 100 bucks. The color of your limo will be the color you chose as your favorite at the beginning of the game.

The V.I.P lounge is mostly aesthetic and also gives some free assorted food, beverages and there are also two money trees from where you can collect money.

If you are a baby and your parent is a V.I.P, ride him/her into the room! You can also teleport to a friend or someone in your family who is a V.I.P. (or they tp to another V.I.P) to get into the room without needing to pay the price.

The foods and beverages you get are V.I.P Ham, V.I.P Popcorn, V.I.P Chocolate milk (when you feed it to a pet it turns into V.I.P Water), and V.I.P Water.


  • Purchasing VIP used to give a GoKart instead of an exclusive limo, however, the go-kart is no longer obtainable (apart from trading).
  • In the past before the current updates to the game mechanics, players with VIP could manually set their roleplaying name with an exclusive command; this feature has since been overwritten by mid 2019.


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