The V.I.P gamepass is a gamepass in Adopt Me! that can be bought for Robux 499. The gamepass can either be brought through the purple shop button on the right of the player's screen or through the stand advertising it in the middle of Adoption Island.

A V.I.P. gamepass grants access to the V.I.P room inside the nursery, a color-customizable ultra-rare Limo, a [VIP] chat tag, and Bucks 100.

The V.I.P room features a classic lounge with free assorted food and beverages. In addition to this, there are also two decorative Money Trees players are not able to collect Bucks from. To get into the V.I.P room for free, a baby can ride a V.I.P player or teleport to players already in the room.

The foods and beverages obtainable from a V.I.P room are the V.I.P Ham, V.I.P Popcorn, V.I.P Chocolate Milk, and V.I.P Water. When fed to a pet, however, the V.I.P Chocolate Milk becomes V.I.P Water. These items will disappear when the player leaves the game.


  • Purchasing V.I.P used to give a GoKart instead of an exclusive Limo, however, apart from trading, the Go-Kart is now no longer obtainable.
    • If a player had purchased V.I.P before the GoKart was replaced by the Limo, they would have both the GoKart and the Limo in their inventory.
  • The color of the Limo will be the color the player chose as their favorite through the settings.
  • In the past before the current updates to the game mechanics, players with VIP could manually set their roleplaying name with an exclusive command; this feature has since been overwritten during sometime in mid-2019.


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