Haha! You found me! Iโ€™m Wood707 but you can just call me Wood, or Kaitlyn! I have had to resign from the expert position but I am still an expert at heart, if that counts, haha. I am very familiar with the rules and guidelines, editing, and some trades! If you need any help let me know on my message wall. Thanks!! Have a nice day/night!! :D


Some of my favorite hobbies are to play Adopt Me! Of course! And be on this wiki! In my personal life I play volleyball and I also play the Violin in my schools orchestra!

I can do profile pictures but I draw on paper and itโ€™s in pencil (A.K.A. all black and white) Most of the time I do it free but donations are always welcome!

In my academic life I make all Aโ€™s and try as hard as I can to succeed in life. One of my goals is to be a Moderator on this wiki!

Some key points/lessons that help me are to never give up, giving up is always a last resort for me, it never gets anything fixed or accomplished. Another one is to remember, we're not perfect, we all make mistakes, and we always need to learn from them! :D

Some sweet people who have helped me! :D

Every single person on the wiki staff team, past and present. I don't feel like listing all of the names but if any of you happens to drop by, I hope you know I'll miss you a lot, I'm very thankful for the wonderful experience I had, and I wish you all well in the future.

Random things you might want to know!!

- Was offered the Expert Role, September 21, 2020- Accepted!! :D

- Resigned from the expert position due to personal reasons, March 1, 2021

My favorite pages

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