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Hello, random person stalking my message wall! I happen to know your name! It’s you, isn’t it? I believe I am correct. Well, if I’m wrong, I guess you aren’t logged in, and you aren’t gonna post. That’s sad, really, really sad. Oh well. You’re missing out. If you are Le StAlKz, please go comment somewhere. I’ve been looking for you since April.

Fun Facts

  • I am the aesthetic ✨royal✨, prove me wrong.
  • i am part human, cheetos, fish, doge, and much more.
  • I randomly say :eyes:. That’s just because I am addicted to discord.
  • My favourite emojis are 👏✨🙃😳😔💅.
  • I do not engage in edit battles. I like it when I beat someone, but I don’t get overly dedicated.
  • I am tall. My current height is 178cms, and I’m still growing(sOmEhOw). Guess it helps with the gender neutral part of me.
  • My pronouns are she/them, which means I am fluid between she/her/hers and they/them/theirs. Feel free to ask which I would prefer on any given day.
  • I am a General Moderator for the Adopt Me Wikia! I can take care of your editing needs or edits you think would be good but you cannot change. I can also delete and lock posts, and warn anyone who I believe is breaking the rules of the wiki.
  • I live within the AEST Timezone. I am generally online 7am-8pm AEST, so you can tag me when necessary.
  • My favourite sports are swimming, netball and skiing.
  • My favourite colour is DEFINITELY blue.
  • I am looking for more fun facts to include! If you have suggestions, just leave a non-personal question on my wall.

Languages I Speak

Let’s start with programming!

  • Python
  • Java(basic)
  • Blockly(python and Java)

Now, actual languages!

  • Fish
  • Cheetos
  • Chinese
  • English(Australian)

Fun Dates

  • 17th April 2020: Accepted as Content Moderator
  • 21st April 2020: Offered General Moderator Role
  • 28th April 2020: Given Expert Role
  • 15th June 2020: Went back to Content Moderator and Expert
  • 16th June 2020: Gave into the temptation of giving Reminders. General Mod again.

Gallery of art from my contest and cool custom pose WHOAMIGUYS made me :D




(3rd place)


(2nd place)


(1st place)

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