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  • I live in a deep sea of tears
  • I was born on December 15
  • My occupation is swimming semi-professionally
  • I am fish
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About Me!

Hey everyone! I love adopt me, and that is why I’m on this wiki. I have been playing since the end of the farm egg update, so you could say I’m fairly new to the game. I am also a General Moderator on the Adopt Me! Wikia. Here are some facts(and a long drone) about me.

  • I live in Australia.
  • I play Adopt Me for close to 25 hours a day.
  • I also edit on the wiki, which contributes another 5 hours of Adopt Me! related time.
  • I am a General Moderator, meaning that you can come to me with questions about editing, discussions and anything related to the wiki!(note: don’t ask me to block a random person. I can’t.)
  • I am also a Expert, which means I contribute to the community a lot and I also help anyone with knowledge about Adopt Me! If you need help with anything to do with editing, come to me or any member of our great Wiki Administration and Moderation Team or an Wiki Advisors and Experts(Experts because they specialise in editing.)
  • I have been hacked multiple times(only on Roblox).
  • My Discord tag is available in my profile, feel free to request me.
  • I AM THE SUPREME LEADER OF THE FISHY-CHEETOS CULT! @Totoro42308(I think that’s it) is co-lead, post on our walls to join. Teehee

My favourite pages

  • Discussions
  • More Discussions
  • And a tiny bit more discussions!
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