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  • I live in My Room (Practically)
  • I was born on August 30
  • My occupation is Being a human
  • I am Male
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Hi, you! I'm shadowlordgamer1! Just call me Shadow! I am a regular member of the Adopt me Wiki community and joined here on January the 1st! You're welcome to ask me any questions on my message wall, as long as it is not rude or offensive. :D

My personal log

As of April 6th 2020, I have become an Administrator for the Adopt Me! Wiki.

As of March 22nd 2020, I have become a General Moderator for the Adopt Me! Wiki.

As of March 17th 2020, I have become a Discussion Moderator for the Adopt Me! Wiki.

My Neon Legends as of 2nd April 2020

NFR Gold Rat, NFR Dragon, NFR Arctic Reindeer, N Turtle

Neons in the process of making NFR Koala OR Frog

P.S If you want to know if a trade is W/F/L then just tag me in the post!

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