Raz Mail

aka 7uPlayZ

Discussion Moderator
  • I live in GMT +2
  • I was born on January 16
  • I am a Male
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Hi! I am Raz Mail, also known as 7uPlayZ for some.

Currently, I am a Discussion Mod and an Event Committee.

My current neons/ mega neons

Nothing, why are you looking at this?

The Neons /Mega Neons I am making

My best pets

  1. FR Shadow Dragon (not for trade)
  2. R Crocodile (for trade)

The Best Pets I ever had

  1. FR Shadow Dragon
  2. FR Giraffe
  3. FR Frost Dragon
  4. FR Parrot
  5. FR Evil Unicorn
  6. FR Crow and FR Owl
  7. FR Griffin
  8. FR Fennec Fox


Q: What was your best pet ever?

A: My best pet ever was a FR Shadow Dragon.

Q: What is your favourite pet?

A: My favourite pet is a MFR Shadow Dragon. :>

Q: How did you find out about Adopt Me! in the first place?

A: From my friends.

Q: When did you join Adopt Me?

A: I joined Adopt Me! when there was the "Train a Reindeer" Event.

Q: What was your first good pet?

A: My first good pet was a R Wolf.

Q: How can I become a Discussion Moderator?

A: To become a Discussion Moderator, you need to click here and follow the rules. Apply on Vastmine1029's wall.

Q: What is your timezone?

A: My timezone is GMT+2.

If you read this until here, I hope you will have a nice day! If you want to trade with me, you can leave a message on my message wall.

Thank you,

-Raz Mail.

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