Hey! I'm OrcaFarmer and I love this wiki! I enjoy editing, trading, meeting new people and helping this wiki! If you need to ask me anything, just pop me a message on my message wall and I'll be quick to respond. My timezone is CET (aka, Central European Time) so please be knowlegable when to talk to me, as I may be asleep. I've began playing adopt me since half way in to the Advent Calendar, and got addicted since then. As of May the 2nd, 2020, I have a log in streak of 139. I'm almost at toucan! My goal on this wiki is to become a Content Moderator, as I am very experienced with editing on this wikia. If you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to ask me!
I'm a bit of an underdog since some people despise me, but I still survive and keep being me despite the hate. I work hard on myself, and I plan to work on my mental health as that needs fixing.

If you ever want to play Adopt Me! With me, send me a friend request @ KawaiiLoverIsABoy. If I do not respond to you, I may be asleep or innactive at the time.

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