Not Silica

aka Silica

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  • I live in New Jersey :D
  • I was born on June 11
  • My occupation is student cri
  • I am a She/Her

Were you stalking oR scrolling? o>o Anyways would you like some pancakes? OwO

No   -  Alrighty then-  Have a good day!

Yes - What flavor? Maple, Cinnamon, Nutella, or Normal?

Thanks for stopping by and have a good day! <3 

warning!!! - I overuse .w. , qwq , :>, 😅, 👁👄👁, and randoM capiTaL LetteRs LoL 

For anybody wondering, my previous username was Randomadoptmeplayerxoxo but I decided it was too long and really just a pain to type when tagging me, so I changed it to Not Silica! :D

here are some epic dates!!

(05-27-2020) -> joined the wiki!

(07-27-2020) -> accepted into Report Team

(08-10-2020) -> accepted into Discussion Mod

Here‘s a little about my life ovo 

I used to be on my school’s JV Volleyball Team. One day I didn’t have my phone with me to get it repaired (The battery constantly drained with nothing open and the phone off). I decided to chill on the SpiderWeb section of the park near my school (For deference, spider web is the rope climb that typically goes up). I uh- overestimated how well I could land on my 2 feet and fractured my left wrist when I fell (In 2 different spots xd). I was really sad for 2 reasons. 1- The pain was unbearable and I had to get a hard cast. It was uncomfortable, super inconvenient when getting ready for school, Can’t get it wet or it’s make a sizzling noise and tighten. It’s loose to the point something small can fit from the top, but large enough to give you an itch you can’t scratch >:C Anyways the second reason (2-) is that I had to quit volleyball and missed the last 3 games. :< Oh and taking off the cast with some saw looking thing is frightening. It’s harmless to the touch, and overall just a giant file, but still scary imo. 😣😔☹️

I have no idea how to draw something *acceptable*. However imo my handwriting makes up for what my drawing lacks. (I can send screenies of your username or something nice if ya want, idm ♡︎

im clumsy yes very clumsy qwq 

my doggo is a Yorkshire Terrier (aka Yorkie). He is boi and turns 8 in November 2020 :D

Yus is true that an online 25 hours of the day!!! (jkjk but I am on frequently, so feel free to drop by onto my message wall, whether reporting something or just to goof around together and chat 😊)

Sorryyyy if I sound rude sometimes, I like getting to the point of things ò~ó

And finally, I believe you will be an awesome addition To my friends list ;D 

 Anyways cya around!!! <3 

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