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  • I live in Florida
  • I was born on August 8
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am FeMalE
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"You cannot be yourself if you choose to follow in the exact footsteps and style of another person. Let yourself be free and immerse your personality."

About me:

My name's Ash, 'course it isn't my real name, it's just a nickname. I feel as though one would describe me as the following: Kind, patient, caring and helpful. Those words are given if you treat me the way you should treat all strangers: the way you want to be treated. If you get on my bad side, you'll more than likely disagree that those words describe me.


I do work. I'm a proud employee for a local Walmart in the OGP department. Sure, I'm temporary but I'm grateful to be given the chance to actually gain work experience so I can have more information for my rΓ©sumΓ© if I choose to get another job. I can't really give a time frame of when I go to work as it's only when they need me, but it's typically during the evening in Eastern Standard Time, so the time I get home can range from 9 pm - 11 pm Eastern Standard Time.


I write a lot and draw in my free time. With writing, I've written three books. I'm currently revising two of them due to major grammatical errors. Drawing; I draw Korean boys to be frank, the majority of them are from my favorite kpop groups. I have drawn animals, but only of my late dog. I do not do digital drawing yet, it's only on paper. I have tried digital drawing and I am horrible at it. Occasionally, very rarely, I will make videos. The videos aren't really anything special unless it's an occasion of a family member. Typically they're just lyrical translations of Kpop songs. The only videos that I do that are non-kpop related have been videos dedicated to my mom for mother's day and her birthday (her birthday is on mother's day haha) and a video or two for my late dog.

Some drawings I am proud of:


Drawing of Baekhyun from the Korean pop boy band: EXO.


Drawing of Chanyeol from the Korean pop boy band: EXO.

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Drawing of my late dog.

Reba McEntire

Drawing of country singer: Reba McEntire. A.k.a, the only girl drawing I have ever done and am so proud of.


Drawing of Jungkook from Korean boy band: BTS.

Elephanto w signature

My first ever Adopt Me! fanart/my first ever digital artwork. MEGA ELEPHANTO.


Currently, I have finished my first year of college. Once Fall semester starts, I currently in my second year of college. I'm currently aiming to finish my Associate's in Arts degree (A.A in general arts) and based on my estimation, I should finish it by either Spring of 2021 or Fall of 2021. I am 64% done with the degree so far. Once I'm done with my Associate's, I will move to a different college that supports the subject that I wish to major in: Multi-journalism. At that college, I will get my bachelor's degree, which will take 4 years.

History on this wiki?

I became a Discussion moderator for this wiki on January 7th, 2020 (this post announces when I've became a Discussion moderator: I then got promoted to Admin for this wiki on February 23rd, 2020 (This post proclaims when I became an admin: The position became too stressful for myself and I decided to step down from Admin back to a Discussion moderator on May 22nd, 2020 (this post announces my stepping down: I believed that if I stepped down from being Admin, it would solve my problems but it only solved one problem: receiving hate for basically doing my job. It was still too stressful on top of having an actual job outside of the wiki, so I chose to resign from the staff team altogether on June 28th (This post explains kinda in depth why I resigned: As of June 28th, I was not a part of the staff team for personal reasons.

As of August 2nd, 2020 I became a member of the "Report Team".

As of September 10th, 2020 I officially became a member of the Discussion moderator team, again.


My ROBLOX is Kuyong. I currently no-life Adopt Me! and by that I don't mean that I have every single pet (I used to, fun fact!), I simply mean that I no-life leveling up my pets. I used to have every single pet, including the neon variant back in February? Then, I gave away all my neon pets in March. I then gave away the rest of my regular pets in April or May. Since then, I've slowly been rebuilding my inventory with really no goal at this time. If you friend me, please note that I will not accept it unless you tell me you've friended me and you tell me who you are on roblox, I do not accept random friend requests. Even if I do, please do not be surprised if I unfriend you within a week. It's nothing personal, I just have a habit of clearing out my friends list.

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