aka Ash

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  • I live in Florida
  • I was born on August 8
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am FeMalE
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Originally TheRealKuyong 😬 Computer got taken over. Friend me @ Kuyong on roblox if you've been unfriended. Timezone is Eastern Standard time.

Things about me include:

** I do have a job outside of the wiki, so my current time for work is 1 p.m. - 10 p.m . That being said, if you tag me and I don't respond within my normal 5 - 25 minutes, tag another staff wiki member because I'm more than likely at work or asleep.

** I enjoy listening to Korean Pop music. Current favorite right now is "Not by The Moon" by Got7.

** I do listen to English songs most of the time. Current favorite right now is "I dare You" by Kelly Clarkson.

**I am in college, aiming to for my Associates in Arts degree. Then pursuing a bachelors degree in Multi-Journalism.

**I enjoy drawing portraits such as my favorite members from Korean boy bands. I am really only good at drawing dudes.

**Some consider me to be a patient and helpful person. All depends on how you treat me.

**I used to watch anime here and there. Now watch a bit of Korean dramas occasionally.

**I LOVE TO READ. Specifically books on World War II and the Holocaust. I am a history geek when it comes to those topics. It's mainly fiction books, though.

**I know nothing regarding value.Β :) Here is how I trade: Take a Red Panda for example, say I have that and am trading that. Since it's an Ultra-Rare pet, I would trade it for another Ultra-Rare pet. I trade based on rarity alone unless it's an item/pet that I desperately want.

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