aka Lily Crow

  • I live in Mah BED with my phone and computer :3
  • I was born on September 10
  • My occupation is Playin adopt me, reading Warriors and draiwing!
  • I am She-cat

Hey guys!!


I am Lily and i love neon pets but also my FR Kangaroo!

A little Wiki activity:

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How i feel:

My feelings are a mystery.

What I support:

I dont care if you are Gay, les, pan, bi or other things, for me, its who you are inside. ❤

What I enjoy:

I enjoy reading Warriors, My Hero academia, One punch man, Little witch academia and Demon Slayer and playing multiple games in Roblox, like Piggy and Adopt me! I also enjoy drawing and i draw cats. I also love eating 𝓕𝓻𝓸𝓸𝓽 𝓛𝓸𝓸𝓹𝓼 .


Thank you Shadow for the GFX:


Thank you Msfox39 for the PFP:

Thank you PumpkinHope for the PFP:

Thank you JCMir for the drawing:

Test 1
Hollyleaf From JCMir

Neons i have:

  1. NRF Brown Bear
  2. NFR Sloth
  3. 3 N Robins

Neons im making:

  1. N Frog
  2. N Australian Kelpie
  3. N Wolf
  4. N Robin
  5. 4 N Emus
  6. 4 N Rats
  7. N Shiba Inu

Mega Neons im makin:

  1. M Emu
  2. M Robin
  3. M Rat

My dream pet

  1. Frost Dragon
  2. Shadow Dragon
  3. Bat Dragon

Pets i hate

  1. Capybara
  2. Beaver


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Thank you!


Thank you to the whole wiki for helping me in adopt me and being so nice. When have a bad day, I just go on the wiki, and I always feel better. Thank you @Fiercetigs and @UnderwaterFox17 for the reminders, they helped me get better in the wiki and not make as much errors. Thank you @PumpkinHope for all the kindness and helpfulness. Thank you @Shadowlordgamer1, @JCMir, @Msfox39 and @PumpkinHope for your drawings (even though pumpkins' and Foxs' drawings are still notdone). Thank you @Vastmine1029 for your support. Thank you to all the administrators, @CaptainMystical @MxdameKuyongx @JoudyGoGamer and moderators @Sopho303 @IiDiscoveri @Raz Mail @Totally not Ashlynn @ThunderJimmy @JungkookIsMyEuphoria @AligrlA.

I just want to say,



Art requests:

I do art requests and the art looks like this:

You have to tell me 4 things: 3 colors (1 main) and a word. I can add things like stars or leaves or flowers.

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