aka Lily

  • I live in In mah house
  • I was born on September 5
  • My occupation is Reading mangas being on this wiki and playin adopt me
  • I am She
  • Bio Hi! What brings you here? I shall grant you a POTATO
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Hey guys!!



I am Lily and I love neon pets but also my FR Spike, my beloved Kei, and Clover.

A little Wiki activity:

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My friends

Pumpkin 🎃

Hollypool Sadly she was blocked for being underage.

And you, you

What I support:

I don't care if you are gay, lesbian, pan, bi, or other things, for me, its who you are inside. ❤

What I enjoy:

I enjoy reading Warriors, My Hero academia, One punch man, Little witch academia, and Demon Slayer, Danganronpa, and playing multiple games in Roblox, like Piggy and Adopt me! I also enjoy drawing and I draw cats. And people with hoods.

Manga suggestions:


Thank you, Shadow for the GFXs:

GFX with pet

Thank you Msfox39 for the PFP:


Thank you PumpkinHope for the PFP:

Test 1

Thank you JCMir for the drawing:

Hollyleaf From JCMir

Thank you RikoWasHere for the profile picture:

Riko drawing star clan

Neons I have:

  1. NRF Brown Bear
  2. NFR Sloth
  3. N Shiba Inu

Neons I'm making:

  1. N Wolf
  2. N Robin
  3. 3 N Emus
  4. 4 N Rats
  5. N Buffalo
  6. N Kitsune

Mega Neons I'm making:

  1. M Emu
  2. M Rat

Mega Neons I have

  1. MFR Robin

My dream pet

  1. Frost Dragon
  2. Shadow Dragon
  3. Bat Dragon

Pets I hate

  1. Capybara
  2. Beaver

Thanks for visiting!


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