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Hello! My name Is KC, but you probably got that from my username. When reading it you might have thought "Huh, their name is spelled wrong!" Yeah? Well I'm here to tell ya no! It was a Joke and I plan on changing my username soon. Why I would spell it wrong on purpose? I don't know. I kind of hate it tbh. :/

AM (Adopt me)

For Adopt me I mostly build houses. But I do trade for better things from time to time. This is where I will put up the things I have for trade, or a Trade list. If anyone wants something off it, talk to me on my Message wall.

My User name is: KCThatOneDreamer

Its a new username. :3

Trade List (Still working on it)



  • Arctic Reindeer (FG)
  • Golden egg (Come and get it!)
  • Farm Egg (x3)
  • Xmas Egg

Ultra Rare

  • Bee
  • Croc
  • Frog (NB)
  • Ginger (NB)
  • Koala (NB)
  • Hedge Hog (Pre)


  • Sled (x4)
  • Cookie Unicycle
  • Donut Unicycle
  • Neon Green Scooter
  • Banana Car
  • Hoverboard "I also really like this so good luck getting it lol"


  • Airplane Propeller (Ultra)
  • Ice Pick Grappling hook (x3) (Ultra)
  • Plunger Grappling hook (x3) (Ultra)
  • Dog Leash (x8) (Rare) (Please.. Just take one)

My History W.I.P. (Only Read if you want to it Is LONG)

This is My story, of how I came to the Island of Adopt me!

It all started back in the year 2018. That was the year I joined roblox. Before then, I had only seen roblox through my friends and YT videos. I remember Loving to watch people play Flee the Facility. One day, I was looking through Videos on YT when I saw an Adopt me Video. I loved the idea of the game!! Making a family, and starting a new story. It stayed in the back of my head until I made an Account for Roblox.

AM was one of the First games I played. I joined around the time when they first gave you a free small house. I didn't say I was poor.. even though I was. I worked hard to get money and saved up for a nice place to call home. Everything I have today, started from then.

I remember.. The time where you would walk around and see a family of 10 kids all swarming around a single parent. When people would throw children off the great bridge. When some stranger could pick you up, and without words, claim you as their family. When the pet shop was still closed.. standing there like a promise of the future. Good times..

I loved Adopt me! I loved it for what it was..

One day, they made a new house for the game. A tree house! I got it the second it came out. Looking around it, I was a little disappointed. I'm not comfortable in a large open space. This is where I started to challenge myself.. I found how to make other floors out of barriers. Kids could come and pick their own rooms! Sure, It didn't look the best. But it was mine. I was happy with something I could call mine.

Then it happened. Pets were coming to Adopt me.

We were all happy! I knew it would be something new, like if dream craft added Cars, Toys, things of that kind. Though, I never could have dreamed of the change to come.

It was a new game after that. Pets were what everyone wanted. Trading raised to another level. A new chapter of a new story, finishing the old book. "Before the Pet Update" is what we call it now days.

This is where I had my first pet. (Other then the Pink Cat Because everyone had one back then) My first Egg hatched. A Fennec Fox. I was so happy... It was the very pet I wanted. From the second I had him, I knew what his name would be. Bunnet...

Things were going great! I had Bunnet, my house, and my friends.

About a.. month? after the pets came out.. They made a Dragon House In adopt me. The second I saw it, I knew it was something else. A lot of players didn't like it.. they said it was too much money and not a lot of space. But I found it to be something different.. I spent so much time in that house... Building and making it something people have never seen before! "The House of Magic..."

I would pour my money into this house. Building on the outside, inside, upside, and downside. As of today, the house has 7 bedrooms. I filled 6 with different themes. Peace/Blue, Life/Green, Joy/Yellow, Love/Pink, Dream/Purple, Darkness/Black. The 7th is My Own Room. I think my favorite part would be the Magic Library. It pushed me to bring out the best in what I could do.

I think this was about the time where I had Simba, My Lion. I would tell everyone who wanted him: "You think I dare Trade away the King!?" It was Fun... But people want to take away good things for themselves.. He was scammed away from me. I learned that day.. To be smart. I was only scammed a few times after that. I moment of silence for Simba..

A long time passed, and in the House of Magic I hatched my first Legendary. Cola The Parrot. I was so happy! She is Rude and Sassy.. But she cares at the end of the day.

After the X-Mas Update and lots and lots of painful grinding... Was my Pet: Dondie my Arctic Fox.

I made a trade for a Ride Lion, who I named Simba to remember my first Lion.

And now... I am still Building. I haven't stopped.

I knew about Fandom before I even started playing AM a lot. However I left after a while on there and spread out to new things. One day I thought there might be a wiki for AM. And WOW I am glad I looked it up! Now I am here, replying to posts and making my own.

Thank you for Reading! This was a lot but I am glad you made it to the end! I am happy to be here.

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