Hello everyone! I am HitoshiSimp. Welcome to my profile!

About me!

  • Hai you! Welcome to my profile^^

Here's a brief introduction. My user is Hitoshisimp, but you can call me danny! I joined this wiki on October 2nd, and later became a discussion mod October 18th. It may seem like such a short time, but moderators are chosen mostly for their skills. (And application ofc). Although, I resigned January 8th 2021

I'm usually very active on this wiki so don't hesitate to leave a message on my talk page, i enjoy speaking with others.

My pets!(Kinda sad)

I had two cats who's names are clover and nuvez, clover is a black cat with a white chest, he is the sweetest cat when he'd wants to be, and always loves a good head scratch. He is dookie #2, Nuvez is a grey cat who well...looks like a storm cloud, she was the sweetest cat you'd ever meet. She loved having company and loved always being near people. She was dookie #1, although, she passed away earlier this year, she will be missed. I love them both very dearly.

What I do in my spare time!

If I'm not active on wiki i might be experimenting with a new recipe, I love to bake(and sometimes cook), and in the near future I hope to attend a culinary school. I also spend some time just playing Animal Crossing New Horizon. I had a great town but later had to reset because my game wouldn't stop glitching TvT.

People I'm thankful for<3

Lazyperson4yah For always helping me with personal issues, and just being there in general for me^^

IiSagex0x0 Even though they constantly make fun of me they are always there when i need advice.

User:Iiflowerzii For always being the sweetest when i need some help with issues^^

Raz Mail For helping me customize my profile because idk how to do it ;-;

Vikingfly, AligFor always answering my not so smart questions ;-;

ThePeppaPiggy for being....well....peppa I guess lolololol

And for you you! for always being yourself!^^



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