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Hello everyone! I am HitoshiSimp. Welcome to my profile!

About me!

  • Hai you! Welcome to my profile^^

Here's a brief introduction. My user is Hitoshisimp, but you can call me danny! I joined this wiki on October 2nd, and later became a discussion mod October 18th. It may seem like such a short time, but moderators are chosen mostly for their skills. (And application ofc)

I'm usually very active on this wiki so don't hesitate to report something to my wall, i enjoy speaking with others.

My pets!(Kinda sad)

I had two cats who's names are clover and nuvez, clover is a black cat with a white chest, he is the sweetest cat when he'd wants to be, and always loves a good head scratch. He is dookie #2, Nuvez is a grey cat who well...looks like a storm cloud, she was the sweetest cat you'd ever meet. She loved having company and loved always being near people. She was dookie #1, although, she passed away earlier this year, she will be missed. I love them both very dearly.

What I do in my spare time!

If I'm not active on wiki i might be experimenting with a new recipe, I love to bake(and sometimes cook), and in the near future I hope to attend a culinary school.

People I'm thankful for<3

Lazyperson4yah For always helping me with personal issues and helping me moderate when I'm not able to.

IiSagex0x0 Even though they constantly make fun of me they are always there when i need advice.

User:Iiflowerzii For always being the sweetest when i need some help with issues^^

User:Raz Mail For helping me customize my profile because idk how to do it ;-;

Th3Y3ll0wL3m0n, Vikingfly, AligrIA, User:Vastmine1029 For always answering my not so smart questions ;-;

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