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β™₯ Hi there you! Welcome to my profile β™₯

General Information

Name: Goodxvxibes, Vibes, or whatever you would like to call me

Role: Discussion Moderator

Time Zone: PST

Pronouns: He/They πŸ’—πŸ’œπŸ’™

Availability: 8 AM - 6 PM (Monday-Friday) & 10 AM - 11 PM (Friday-Sunday)

Contact Information

Discord: !!#4958

Roblox: bluebvnni

Talk Page: Talk Page

Community Central MW: Message Wall

If you ever need to report something, please report it (by hitting the 3 dots in the corner of a post and clicking report) or report it directly to me by contacting me through one of the following ways listed above! And if you just want to chat, then feel free to do so as well.

People to Appreciate

Administrators: Vastmine1029, Th3Y3ll0wL3m0n, AligrlA, Vikingfly, XxStarviewxx

Moderators: BananaPomPomPudding, BuffNewbi3, Cookieheavenn, DonnaTheDolphin, Ihopedreamwasfound, Ii.stormyxcloud.ii, JustAnotherTeacher, MalkTorri, Matchaidk, PicklesThePhroggie, V!RTUALSKELETON, Wolfman5580, XxLoveBPxX

Art Investigator: Karasuneth

Report Team: L0kiiz

Experts: AligrlA, Mngpsc, NinjaYoussefYT

Cool people

Wood - Super kind, and really fun to talk to

Panda - A very helpful person, and definitely one of the nicest

Corgi - Hermlo! Extremely kind hearted, and very funny too

Stormy - Cool person who owns very cool chickens

Bunnie - My very first friend on the wiki<3!

Hope - Super nice, and Hope is one of those people who you would want to hang out with a lot

Daniela - Very swaggy person and she can wink!!

Lemon - Fry cat buddy!

Amore - Super sweet and friendly to everyone

Sage - An energetic and super fun person to talk to

Star - A super friendly admin and a super cool car!

CringedLevi - Awesome friend!

Hxneyjxn - "u are what u eat"

Puredevil - bark bark

Real cat - totally a real cat 😎

Lolsar - Super awesome cool pro friend

Alibear - Ali tried to cook my cat :(

Time Stamps

Joined the Wiki: May 28, 2020

Applied for Discussion Moderator: September 8, 2020

Got Accepted for Discussion Moderator: September 15, 2020

1000 edits: March 31, 2021

2000 edits: April 30, 2021

Got onto the Editing Leaderboard: April 30, 2021

3000 edits: June 10, 2021

Thanks for reading all the way! Have a great day/night.

Note: Some of the things I wrote down on here were inspired by PandaWizone & XxStarviewxx