aka Ally (not my real name tho, nice try!)

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  • I live in the PST timezone!
  • I was born on July 3
  • My occupation is (If playing AM doesn't count) ...
  • I am a female
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Hey there, you! My username on Roblox is AligrlA, just add me whenever in case you need a friend, I know I could sure use one!

If you ever have any questions, you're welcome to ask on my message wall! As a Wiki Expert, I'll be glad to help! :D

I'm usually available around 3:30 pm PST to 9:00 pm PST if you need meh ;w; (I might be checking in from time to time, but I'm usually most active during those hours)

My favourite songs

If you're a huge song fanatic like I am, then try out some of my favourite songs and tell me what you think!

Glitter and Gold - Barns Courtney

I'm Sill Standing - Elton John

The Score - Revolution

...And tons more, which I'll share when I'm completely awake ;)

Trades and Offers

In case you're a big trader and have nothing else to do, uploaded to the right of this is an update of my current inventory! Here are my toys (for all those collectors out there!) : Banana pogo, Bone Throw Toy, Donut Rattle, Ice Cream Plush, Turkey Plush, Banana Plush, Elf Plush, and Bubblegum Machine Rattle. Feel free to tag me on discussions, DM me, or leave a message on my messages wall if you have an offer for these items!

My favorite pages

Parrot (If you have to ask me which pet I like the most, I'd say Parrot would be extremely close to the top! I love randomly checking this page and editing even the smallest thing!)

Nothing else! :P

Thanks for reading, and have a nice day! :)

Please don't change/edit any of this, unless you are a moderator and there is something on here against the rules. Thank you!

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