Airdensos Gamignd

aka Airdeos

  • I live in [TOP SECRET] (Somewhere in the USA...)
  • My occupation is 8 Grade Gamer
  • I am Male Obviously (y u no see me profile pic?)

Hello, I'm Airdensos, but you can call Me Airdeos. I am a friendly contributor to this Wikipedia and work super-hard within my free time to help this out. Please do not vandalize my Profile Page or be negative towards me. Also please check out my Roblox Account, AirdeosPlaysYT.

My Pets

  • Glisten (Arctic Reindeer)
  • Salami (Giraffe)
  • Club Pingu/Golden Pingu (Golden Penguin: Since NewFissy had 200+ IQ and filtered Golden, I had to settle with Club Pingu, because I play Club Penguin Rewritten as well)
  • Charizard Jr. (Dragon: Former Pet. Traded in for Salami the Giraffe)
  • Peter Griffin (Griffin: You get the Joke. Also please no Mod Call)
  • Bouncer (Kangaroo)
  • 🐝 Bee 🐝 (Flyable and Ridable Worker / Normal Bee: Ya Like Jazz?)
  • King K. Rool (Crocodile)
  • Tony The Tiger (Ginger Cat: Their's Great!)
  • Pingu (Penguin: Noot Noot!)
  • Doge (Shiba Isu: Much Pets)
  • Rotten Brownie (Zombie Buffalo)
  • Rock Road (Australian Kelpie)
  • Homie Beaver & Daily Reward Beaver (Beaver)
  • Amber (Bunny)
  • Stakes (Cow)
  • Christmas Jerry / Party Jerry (Elf Shrew / Shrew)
  • Lil Homie (Hyena)
  • Ice Bear I - IV (Polar Bear: Ice Bear Approves This)
  • Fat Amber (Rabbit)
  • Remy I - IV (Rat: Hey Look! A Ratatouille Reference!)
  • Dancer (Reindeer)
  • Brother Snowy (Snow Puma)
  • Unnamed Swan
  • Shadow (Black Panther)
  • a football (Former Pet Rock: It's a Football! I Chiseled it!)
  • Another Lil Homie (Capybara)
  • Buddy (Chocolate Lavandor)
  • Goose (Drake)
  • Hiyaa (Fennic Fox: [Insert Melee Fox Here])
  • Popcorn & Caramel Corn (Puma)
  • Psyduck (Silly Duck)
  • White Meow (Snow Cat)
  • Mr Husty / Ms Husty / Husty Jr / Bark and some other wolves (Wolf)
  • Brownie (Neon and Ridable Buffalo)
  • Isabelle (Dog)
  • Spirited Swagger (Neon Otter)
  • The Spirit Of Christmas (Neon Robin)
  • Ben and 3 other Robins (Robin)
  • Chickpea (Chick)
  • Spirited Meow (Neon Cat: Traded off to a Friend)
  • Sir Meow / Ms Meow / Meow Jr (Cat: Transformed into Spirited Meow with the help of one of my friends who had a cat)
  • And some others listed

Gallery Of Me & My Achievements

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