The Unicorn Stroller is an ultra-rare stroller in Adopt Me!. It was previously obtainable through Gifts, but now can only be obtained through trading. It can fit just a single baby or pet. The chances of opening it was 2% from a Small Gift (Bucks 70), 8.5% from a Big Gift (Bucks 199), and 31% from a Massive Gift (Bucks 499).


The Unicorn Stroller resembles the Adopt Me! Unicorn pet, hence the stroller's name. The stroller features the Unicorn's iconic multi-colored mane and pink horn. It also features the Unicorn's black eyes, pink tail, and the unicorn's torso. The stroller only has one wheel at the bottom of the Unicorn, and the axel on the wheel is blue.

Unicorn Pet

The pet that the Unicorn Stroller portrays

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