The Unicorn Leash is an ultra-rare toy in Adopt Me! that could formerly be purchased from the Pet Shop. The Unicorn Leash was previously purchasable for Bucks.png 750. However, it was removed in the new Pet Shop update which came out on February 22, 2020 because the creators accidentally deleted it. It is now unobtainable unless through trading.


The Unicorn Leash, as true to its name, features a leash with an appearance based off that of a Unicorn's. It has a white handle attached.


This leash works just like every other leash. By pressing the icon in the bottom screen, it connects the player to their equipped pet.

A Unicorn Leash showed in a player's inventory.

Pros Cons
This item was fairly affordable. It is not in-game anymore.
It may not be appealing to people who dislike unicorns, or donโ€™t have one.
It could sometimes not connect a player with their pet properly.

A player holding a Unicorn Leash.

Unicorn Leash in use.

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