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The Tundra Violin is a rare toy in Adopt Me! that was added on May 12, 2022. It can be found and purchased in the Snowy Igloo Shop for Bucks.png 450 or obtained through trading. It can only be found in the Snowy Igloo Shop on the 28th of each month for 36 hours at a time, along with the other items in the shop.


The Tundra Violin features a round, droplet-shaped violin with two gray strings, two curved holes, and a small tailpiece. It also comes with a brown crescent bow; this bow has a thin string stretching from one tip to another.

When the Tundra Violin is on display in the Snowy Igloo Shop, the bow stacked on top of the violin. While it is in use, the bow is placed in the player's hand.