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The Treehouse is a house in Adopt Me! which was added in the "Treehouse" update. Costing Bucks.png 800, it contains 3 rooms and 1 floor and has a staircase going up the tree leading to the house at the top.

Exterior Appearance

The Treehouse in positioned is between two trees, and like most other houses, the house color is customizable. The roof has two little windows sticking out of the roof and two windows on the front-facing wall. A wooden staircase wraps around the two trees.

Interior Appearance

The inside of the Treehouse has green walls and wooden flooring. In the living room, there is a red and white striped rug, two orange chairs, and a TV with a lamp next to it. In another area of the room, a makeshift kitchen with a red counter, pink refrigerator, and an oven can be found. Going out of the living room and towards the bedroom, there is a small lounge area with a blue beanbag chair and an orange chair.

In the bedroom, there are red walls and wooden floors. For the furniture, there is a purple and white striped bed, a bedside table, and a lamp. In the corner, there is a wooden crate and a pair of barrels. To the left of the bed, there is a apple, bread loaf, an open book, and a vase with a flower in it.

Next to the kitchen, one can find the door to the bathroom. Inside the bathroom, there is a toilet, shower, and three red counters.