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The Translucent Tea Potion is a rare potion that can be found and purchased the Sky Castle for Bucks.png 600. When fed to a pet, it turns them partially translucent for 10 minutes. The more Translucent Tea Potions the pet is fed, the more translucent it becomes.


The Translucent Tea Potion is stored in a circle-shaped potion bottle with a long neck and a tan cap. Players are able to see through it, because the liquid is clear.


  • If a pet is given five Translucent Tea Potions, it will become completely invisible, except for the eyes and name.
  • The Translucent Tea Potion can fulfill a pet’s thirsty task.
  • Players can claim the Translucent Tea Potion on Day 10 of the Winter Holiday (2021) Advent Calendar.