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Trading through Adopt Me!

Trading is a source of sending items to another player in Adopt Me!. Players can only trade up to 4 items to the other player through the trading system. Adopt Me! has released videos showing players that in a future update, players will be able to offer 9 items to the other players.

The player would open the interaction icon of the other player and then select 'Trade'. By doing this, the other player would receive a trading request in which they could choose to accept or decline. However, if the other player's trades are turned off through the settings, they will not receive any trading requests.

There is a 10-second countdown (before both parties can accept the trade) after one party adds or removes an item. This cooldown prevents users from accidentally accepting a trade after the item(s) are removed, added, or replaced.

After entering the trading menu, both parties would then need to press the 'accept' button on the bottom right in order for the trade to be successful. If any of the two users leave the game or selects the 'decline' button at any time during the trade, it will not go through. 

Another case in which the trade will not go through is via fail trading.


The pop-up warning when sending a trade request.


Beware! Some users like to scam others and make them lose their items. Please be alert at all times and use the intended Adopt Me! trading system.

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