Please note: This was made only with the intent to spread knowledge to other players and NOT for offering items.

Old trading through Adopt Me!

Trading is a source of sending items to another player in Adopt Me!. Players used to be able to only trade up to 4 items to the other player through the trading system. As of November 5, 2020, players can trade up to 9 items, but have to pass a test to be able to trade ultra-rare or legendary items. This is most likely for reasons as so most scams can be less of a problem.

The player would open the interaction icon of the other player and then select 'Trade' or press 1 for keyboard users. By doing this, the other player would receive a trade request in which they could choose to accept or decline. However, if the other player's trades are turned off through the settings, they will not receive any trading requests.

Part of the test needed to be answered correctly if the player wants to continue on getting their license.

There used to be a 10-second countdown (before both parties can accept the trade) after one party adds or removes an item. This cool-down prevented users from accidentally accepting a trade after the item(s) are removed, added, or replaced.

Part of the new trading system in Adopt Me!

As of November 5, 2020, there will also be a pop-up warning players if the trade is judged “unfair” by the game. If it is, the system gives the players 15 more seconds to accept or decline, so they can think their trade through. Sometimes if the trade is “unfair”, the trade will fail.

A Trade License was recently added to the game, allowing players to trade their ultra-rare and legendary items if they pass the Trade License test. Players can also view their trade history using this pass. Without it, players are unable to trade their ultra-rare and legendary items. To obtain their license, they need to go into the Safety Hub, which is next to the Hat Shop.

The new Trading license on display in the Pets section of the Nursery

After entering the trading menu, both parties would then need to press the green 'accept' button on the bottom right in order for the trade to be successful. If any of the two users leave the game or selects the red 'decline' button at any time during the trade, it will not go through. 

Another case in which the trade will not go through is via fail trading, but that is no longer available as Adopt Me! has addressed that by turning off player interaction icons while in a trade.

The rules of trading that sometimes pop-up when sending a trade request.


Main article: Scams

Beware! Some users like to scam others and make them lose their items. Players are advised to be alert at all times and use the intended Adopt Me! trading system. If someone has scammed you, pull out your Trade License and report the trade that got you scammed.

Other Facts

  • If a trade request is left unanswered for too long, it will expire as of the new update.
  • In the Safety Hub, workers state they are 'always watching'. This is most likely to spread awareness to scams.
  • If a player is already in a trade or turned their trades off, the system will show a notification informing you why your trade didn't go through, instead of just saying "XXX declined your trade request."
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