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The Trade License is a non-limited common toy obtained from the Trade License test in Adopt Me!. It requires players to pass the Trade License test with all answers correct to unlock.

This license allows players to trade ultra-rare and legendary pets and view their trade history for the past 30 days. Additionally, scammers can be reported using the license.

The test takes place at the Safety Hub, which is situated near the Farm Shop and the Potion Shop. The door to the Trade License test area is at the foot of the stairs. In the test, three scenarios are shown, and players must determine whether each scenario is safe or a scam.


The Trade License has a gold border with a navy blue center featuring a gold trade symbol and three stars embossed onto it.


  • The Trade License cannot be traded.
  • To view and report trades, players can click or tap their screen with the Trade License in their hand.
  • You have to pass a test first, with scams and safe trades. Jump on the red button for no, and the green one for yes. If you get them all right, you pass! If you don't, you will go back to the entrance of the test, and you have unlimited chances to get your Trade License.
  • Players hold the Trade License in their right hand.