Toy shop inside

The inside of the Toy Shop.

Toy shop

The outside of the Toy Shop.

The Toy Shop is a shop in Adopt Me! where you can buy toys. Its shopkeeper is a NPC version of BeThink, one of the developers of the game.


The Toy Shop is a windmill converted into a shop. It has a duck, a llama, a penguin in a hat, and a cannon on top of its overhead. Then, attached to the overhead in the middle is the word "Toys" in big, white bubble letters. Underneath is its door, and a strand of colorful string lights to add to the playfulness of the shop.


This is a table of all of the items sold in the Toy Shop.

Item Price Effects
Roller Skates 300 Bucks They make you faster when you walk.
Grappling Hook 2500 Bucks By clicking somewhere on your screen, you will be pulled in the location that you clicked.
Unicycle 130 Bucks A vehicle you can drive around.
Heart Balloon 100 Bucks A toy that can make you jump higher than usual.
Pogo Stick 200 Bucks A toy that makes you jump up and down.
Teddy Bear 50 Bucks A toy you can hug.
Propeller 1500 Bucks A toy that makes you float into the sky.
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