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The Tombstone Ghostify is a limited rare toy that made its debut during the Halloween 2018 Event, where it could be bought for Candy Icon.png 2,500. It is currently only obtainable through trading.


As the name implies, the Tombstone Ghostify is a gray tombstone, with a darker shade of gray as an outer rim.


The Tombstone Ghostify possesses a special ability that enables the player to become transparent when the player tap/clicks the screen. The effect can be reverted when the player uses the Tombstone Ghostify again.


  • The Tombstone Ghostify could only be bought with Candy, an Adopt Me! currency used for the Halloween events of 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017.
  • If a player changes their avatar while invisible, the player’s head will be invisible while the rest of the body is visible.
  • The Tombstone Ghostify is the first toy to make a player fully invisible. The Pumpkin from the 2017 Halloween Event only made a player's head invisible.