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The Tiny Home is a house in Adopt Me!. It is currently the smallest and cheapest house in Adopt Me!. Players who are new to Adopt Me! start off with this house for free. If the player decides to sell this house, they can re-purchase it for Bucks.png 240.


The Tiny Home has one door on the outside and is accompanied with a chimney on top. Beside the door to the right, there is a window.

The interior consists of three rooms; a main room, a small bedroom, and a small bathroom. There are two windows each in the main room and the bedroom.


  • This is the least expensive house in Adopt Me!.
  • It is also the house with the least amount of rooms, as it consists only of a bedroom, a main room and a bathroom.
  • It is one of the two houses where you can't throw a party in it, the other one being the Family Home.