Not to be confused with Convertible.

The Tiny Convertible is classified as an uncommon four-seated vehicle in Adopt Me! that can be found and purchased in the Car Showroom for Bucks 1100. It is the second slowest four-wheeled vehicle in the game, as well as being the second cheapest vehicle behind the Car.

The Tiny Convertible is one of the four convertibles in the game, along with the Convertible, the Limo, and the Muscle Car.


Tiny Convertible backpack

The Tiny Convertible in a player's backpack

The Tiny Convertible is a small modern convertible resembling the Mini Cooper S. The color of the Tiny Convertible, as with all the other vehicles available for purchase in the Car Showroom, is customizable. The color of the Tiny Convertible cannot be changed after purchase or if it obtained through trading.


The Tiny Convertible is the second slowest four-wheeled vehicle in the dealership, behind the Car. Despite being slow, its speed is pretty acceptable for traveling around the map and doesn't differ much from the rest of the vehicles. It has agile handling, something which is presumably contributed by its relatively small size.

It can seat four, making it the cheapest four-seater vehicle in the game, perfect for players that don't want to spend a lot of bucks on gifts or don't intend on trading much.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Good handling Expensive
Four seats Not in high demand
Easily obtainable
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