• Just wanted to drop by to say that I really appreciate your help on the wiki!

    Looking at your edits, they are very reliable. Although you applied for Discussion Moderator, I believe it would also be great if you applied for Content Moderator.

    Again thanks,
    Adopt Me Logo Bureaucrat

    β€” Vastmine1029 (Message Wall)
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    • Thanks! I will work on an application!

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    • Also, I'm sorry if we don't get back to you about your application for a long period of time. We've just been very busy and whatnot.

      It just means your application is still being reviewed.

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    • That's okay! Also, I do not have any experience in HTML or wiki text,Β although I have experience in other coding languages.

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    • If you do have other coding experiences, you might learn wikitext and HTML quickly. I learned it pretty quickly, considering that I didn't have ANY experience with coding.

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    • A FANDOM user
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