• You have been blocked for 1 month for the following reason:

    "Other: coronavirus mention, swearing, and mis-categorization of posts"

    Please read the Rules and Guidelines to understand the expectations in the Adopt Me! Wikia community.

    If you would like to appeal or dispute, please reply to this message with the following:
    1. Describe why you were blocked.
    2. Why should your block be ended early?
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    • Hello there @CaptainMystical. I wish to set an appeal for my block status to be removed. I have my reasoning and I'm sure you will find it to be true if you look closely. Firstly, when I mentioned the word 'COVID-19' on that person's post, I was asking them to remove the word 'COVID-19' from their post as I know that it is not allowed to speak about/mention the virus. The other time, on my Mesaage Wall, I was unaware that my FANDOM account's Message Wall belonged to the Staff in the Adopt Me! Wiki. That was not made clear upon joining this wiki. Secondly, swearing? Please link me to wherever I swore, as I do not remember adding curses to any comments or posts other than when I said 'goddamn' in my post about my Shadow Dragon, but that was months ago. Please link me to my most recent curse word so I may fix it. Finally, mis-categorization of my posts, my apologies for that. I simply forgot we had to categorize. Again, my apologies for that simple misunderstanding. I feel I should be released because I have been working hard to improve my status and experience here on the Wiki. Those were just minor mistakes when I was new, and the coronavirus mentions were a good, healthy reminder to stay safe (on my Fandom message Wall, which I believe is not the property of the Adopt Me! Wiki staff, rather only FANDOM Staff and myself as my account is not directly associated with the Adopt Me! Wiki), and the second, my comment on that post, was simply asking that the person remove their mentions of the Virus from their discussion post. If you have the ability to look at the history of a discussion before it was edited, please do. The cussing was only once and I have already apologised for that.

      If you require more information, please contact me via Message Wall, or on this post.

         Best Regards,
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    • Yo Captain, you reviewed my appeal yet-? It's been almost a week-

      If I can get a reply sooner or later I'd appreciate that. Thanks

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    • It is not just Captain who reviews the application, it is the entire staff team. The staff team is made up of multiple people in different timezones doing different things during the day, therefore, not everyone is free which can result in appeals takingΒ time to get to. ღ

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    • Okay then. Thanks.

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    • A FANDOM user
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