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The Playground is a place in Adopt Me! located on Adoption Island where players can bring their babies or pets in order to cure the "Bored" ailment. On February 14, 2020, the Playground was remodeled to also include a pet park, which had more interactable features.

During the 2019 Halloween Event, the Playground was replaced with the Graveyard until November 1, 2019. Players could visit the Candy Trading Shop or do the Graveyard challenge to obtain Candy Icon.png Candy, the event's currency. Players had to memorize which graves the ghosts went into.

The Obbies are now located behind the Playground, behind the big blue slide. Players can play on the left side of the Playground with the pet-related features on the right side. The top tree near the swings initially included a treehouse, which was later removed.

Interactable Features


  • The Playground is the first location in the game to have been remodeled twice.
  • The Treehouse was removed in early 2021.
  • When players go into the blue slide, they will hit a log and be sent flying.
  • The Playground supports many glitches;
    • The merry-go-round could appear near the Gifts Display and in the School.
    • Using the swing set, a player would then go to the Dress Up display. They would then have to click the Costume icon and select β€˜Magma Fiend’. After the player changes back to their current avatar, both the swing set and the player will β€˜fly’.