Block Duration General Reason
First-Time Minor Policy Violation
1-3 days First-time minor policy violations. Includes violations such as creating unrelated Adopt Me pages or commentary abuse.
1 week
2 weeks Committed multiple minor policy violations.
Users who are speculated to have committed violations of minor policies with bad faith will be given a two-week block period.
Multiple Minor/Major Violations
1-3 months Repeated violations to minor policies prior to given a block period.
First-time violation to a major policy with or without prior warnings.
Violation to Fandom's User Conduct or Community Guidelines will be given no less than a month block, no question.
6 months
Severe Violations
Excessive Minor Violations
Multiple Major Violations
1+ years Severe policy violations, including repeated or severe vandalism, coordinated vandalism (raid), violation of Fandom's Terms of Service or other FANDOM policies (e.g., account abuse, spambotting, minimum age requirement), uploading of pornographic, gory, or offensive images.
EXCESSIVE minor violations PRIOR to given warnings or block periods.

Indefinite Block: Users can be blocked for an unspecified duration, however, can be appealed by replying to the block notice message in the user's message wall.

Infinite Block: Users with an infinite block cannot appeal and will be blocked, regardless of what is said or heard by the user. This is the max punishment.

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