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The T-Rex Rattle is a common toy in Adopt Me! that could previously be found when digging for fossils at the Fossil Isle Excavation. To interact with this item, a player can click or press their screen to shake it back and forth. This item can now only be obtained through trading, as its respective event has ended.


The T-Rex Rattle features a white dinosaur skull on a white bone that acts as a handle.


  • When the T-Rex Rattle was first released, instead of the player being able to shake it back and forth, it was used as a throw toy for pets.
  • The T-Rex Rattle is one of the two toys relating to the T-Rex with the other toy being the T-Rex Throw Toy.
  • This rattle is only used for leisure, (like other rattles) as a player can press to shake the toy. Other than that, it does not serve any specific purpose.