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Sweet Street was an event in Adopt Me! that took place during May 2018. It featured a new area for players to visit where they could purchase four exclusive food items. The event was themed around candy with the main colors being pink, white, and brown. Some notable features include bridges, a pink river, pink trees, large lollipops and large ice cream cones. Towards the back of the area, there was a display that showcased the food items. Since the event has ended, food items can now only be obtained through trading.

Obtainable Items

Image Name Cost Rarity
AM Chocolate.png
Chocolate Bucks.png 5 Common
AM Chocolate Drop.png
Chocolate Drop Bucks.png 5 Common
AM Chocolate Twist.png
Chocolate Twist Bucks.png 5 Common
AM Ice Tub.png
Ice Tub Bucks.png 5 Common