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The Surfboard is a rare vehicle in Adopt Me! which can be bought for Bucks.png 600 in the Pool Store. It was added in the 2019 Summer Update.

The Surfboard is, strangely enough, classified as a vehicle, despite every other item sold in the Pool Store being classified as a toy. Much like this categorization implies, the Surfboard can indeed be used for transport, however it can only be used on water.

To cope with the aforementioned limitation, the Surfboard is extremely fast, and can transport players along the river incredibly quickly and it can turn out to be a much more efficient vehicle than its limitation might suggest. Unfortunately, the Surfboard, as a result of being a vehicle, cannot be used in indoor pools, only outdoor pools.

The Surfboard emits unique cloud particles when in motion.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Can surf on water As the name suggests, it can't surf on land.
Incredibly fast Cannot be used in indoor pools
Easy turning The most expensive item in the Pool Store
Easy to use No passenger seats, so the only way to have multiple people ride is by one being a baby and being held or riding an adult player.
Easy to find Cannot be used in Hot Spring
Average price Cannot be used on the ice in the Christmas Event