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The Supercars Pack is a Gamepass in Adopt Me! which unlocks three legendary Supercars; Axel, Tiffany, and Douglas. It costs Robux.png 1000 and it can be bought in the Shop button on the sidebar.


  1. To control a Supercar, equip the item from the Vehicle section of the inventory.
  2. When one of the vehicles is in use, it can be controlled through moving the joystick/WASD/front, left, right, back arrows to change the direction. In order to stop driving, the player can press the jump button.


  • The vehicles in this pack used to be displayed on a pedestal to the left of the neighborhood exit tunnel, however they have since been replaced by the Ultra Cars Pack. They can now only be bought through the shop tab.
    • It is the only one of the three packs to have ever been promoted in the neighborhood, the other ones being the Royal Carriages pack and the Ultra Cars Pack, both of which are still being promoted.
  • The backpack icons for the vehicles of the pack are each taken from a different angle; the icon for the Axel showing its left side, the icon for the Douglas showing its front fascia, and the icon for the Tiffany showing its right side. This arrangement also matches the order that they are placed in, both alphabetically and in the stand promoting the vehicles.