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The Stripes Egg is an uncommon food item in Adopt Me!. It was obtainable during the Easter Event (2019) by collecting the egg currency scattered across the Adoption Island.

When players collected the eggs, they appeared in their inventory. Players could have multiple versions of the Stripes Egg as there were repeat variations around the map. The Stripes Egg stayed in the player’s inventory even when they spent the currency on the event items.

The other eggs players collected alongside the Stripes Egg include the Patterns Egg and Stars Egg.


The Stripes Egg features a round, oval-shaped object. The entire shape is colored pink with the exception of several yellow stripes.


  • The Stripes Egg, although listed as a food item, cannot be eaten and hatched.
  • The Stripes Egg was one of the eggs featured in the Gumball Machine before the Safari Egg arrived.