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The Starter Egg is a free common egg that is given to every player that enters Adopt Me! for the first time and can be collected by going to the Nursery where Sir Woofington is waiting for them.

The Dog and the Cat are the only pets that can be hatched from the Starter Egg. Since the egg cannot be traded, it cannot be obtained anywhere else in the game if the player already hatched it.

Players have to be playing in the adult role to obtain and take care of the Starter Egg. The first task will always be 'Hungry'. There will be a free sandwich every time players join the game and the game will inform them on how to feed the Starter Egg a sandwich. This egg is not limited, nor reobtainable.


The appearance of the Starter Egg is a round, white egg featuring a black graduation hat with a golden tassel on the top.


Players can only hatch a Dog or a Cat from the Starter Egg. Uncommon, Rare, Ultra-Rare, and Legendary pets are unobtainable from this egg.



  • The Starter Egg is the first egg that has a 100% chance of hatching into a common pet (the Cat/Dog), with the second one being the Easter 2020 Egg.
  • As of the Dress Your Pets Live Event, players can no longer name their eggs.
  • The Starter Egg's appearance is similar to the Pet Egg, but the Starter Egg has a small graduation hat, which cannot be removed.
  • The Starter Egg cannot be traded.
  • There is blue cursive writing on the tassel reading 2016, which was the year before Adopt Me! was released.
  • The Starter Egg is only obtainable if the player has chosen the Parent role; Babies cannot claim this egg.