The Starter Egg is a free common egg that is given to every player that enters Adopt Me! for the first time and can be collected by going to the Nursery where Sir Woofington is waiting.

The Dog and the Cat are the only pets that can be hatched from this egg. It cannot be obtained anywhere else in the game and it cannot be traded.

Players have to be playing in the adult role to obtain and take care of the Starter Egg.

The message if a player is a baby tries to get the Starter Egg

The Starter Egg being held by a player.

Starter Egg with a name.


The only pets you can get from the Starter Egg are a Dog or a Cat. This egg cannot hatch anything else.



  • The Starter Egg is the first egg that has a 100% chance of hatching into a common pet, with the second one being an Easter 2020 Egg
  • As of the 'Dress your Pets!' update, you can no longer name your eggs.
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