Starfish am

The Starfish is one of the pets in Adopt Me! that can be obtained in the Star Rewards or through trading. It requires 550 Stars, or about 4 months to claim and is classified as an ultra-rare pet.


The Starfish resembles an orange star with black eyes and lighter little orange spots on the points of the arms of the Starfish, growing larger as it extends outwards, there are 3 dots on each arm growing slightly larger going towards the point of the arms. On top of that, the Starfish also has pink blush on the sides of its eyes.

Neon Appearance

The Neon appearance of the Starfish glows baby blue and pink. The small dots that go on the points turn into a baby blue, whilst the pink cheeks/blush turn into a neon pink.

Adopt Me Neon Starfish-0

A neon Starfish.

Mega Neon Appearance

When made Mega Neon, the Starfish’s normal neon places glow in a rainbow cycle.

Screenshot 2020-05-31 at 4.33.28 AM

A mega neon Starfish.


  • The Starfish is one of the only pets that glow in more than one color in its neon form, the others being the Parrot, Unicorn, and Monkey King
  • The Starfish is the only pet where the pet accessories that resemble shoes go on their head.
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