The Staff Ingredient is a legendary toy in Adopt Me! that could have been obtained during the Monkey Fairground Event. There is a 5% chance of acquiring it through opening Premium Monkey Boxes, which cost Robux.png 195 each. It is currently unobtainable as its respective event has ended.

When a player combines three Staff Ingredients and a Monkey, the Monkey is transformed into a Monkey King.


  • The Staff Ingredient was the most difficult item to obtain in the Monkey Fairground Event, as players only had a 5% chance to obtain it from a Premium Monkey Box.
  • As it is now unobtainable, the Staff Ingredient cannot be combined with another two and exchanged for the Monkey King.
  • If a player interacts with the Staff Ingredient after the Monkey Fairground Event ended, a message pops up reading: β€œI wonder what this does...”
  • The Staff Ingredient is one of the only four legendary toys currently in Adopt Me!, the other three toys being the Candy Cannon, the Flying Broomstick and the Reindeer Ornament.


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