Staff is a legendary ingredient in Adopt Me! located in the Monkey Fairground Event. There is a 5% chance of getting one through opening Premium Monkey Boxes, which cost Robux 195 each.

When a player combines 3 Staffs and a Monkey, the Monkey gets transformed into a Monkey King. It is in the 'Toys' section in a player's inventory.


  • The Staff was the most difficult item to obtain in the Monkey Fairground Event, as players had a 5% chance to obtain it from a Premium Monkey Box.
  • The Staff is only obtainable when the Monkey Fairground Event is around. During the time it is unobtainable, it also cannot be traded in for the Monkey King.
  • When a player interacts with the Staff when the Monkey Fairground is not around, a message pops up reading “I wonder what this does...”
  • The Staff is the one of the three legendary toys currently in Adopt Me!, the other two being the Candy Cannon and the Flying Broomstick.

    A player holding the Staff.

Staff in an inventory

The Staff in a player's inventory.

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