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Speedy The Penguin is an NPC that was introduced during the Winter Holiday (2020). Players can start timed races by interacting with him. Gingerbread.png 800 can be collected the first time a player starts and completes a race with him, but they can keep racing by interacting with Speedy The Penguin. There is a board near the bridge where Speedy The Penguin stands that records the player's times.


As he is a Golden Penguin, Speedy The Penguin's flippers, body, beak, and feet are all a vivid yellow-gold color, and his belly is white. He wears the Ski Goggles pet accessory on his head.


When a player decides to race for the first time, Speedy The Penguin says:

"Hey there! I'm Speedy! I mean - I'm Speedy The Penguin! I make race courses and obbys for my friends to play! Do you like to race? I've set up a course right here on the lake! Want to try my course? I'll give you 800 Gingerbread when you complete your first run!"

When a player has already completed a race, Speedy The Penguin says:

"Welcome back!"

A pop-up saying β€œRace Again?” with the yes or no buttons will then appear.


  • There is a glitch where Speedy turns into a regular penguin because of the game lagging.
  • There is another glitch where Speedy the Penguin says "Pengiun" instead of "Penguin".
  • He wears the Ski Goggles, an accessory available in the Accessory Shop.
  • He stands in a green circle, just directly under the main bridge in Adoption Island.