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The Speedboat is a limited rare two-seater vehicle in Adopt Me! which was added on August 5, 2021 and was removed from the game on October 21, 2021. It could have been purchased for Bucks.png 2,500 on a wooden pedestal beside the Pet Store and in front of the Hot Air Balloon.


The Speedboat is a small boat with a simplistic design. It has two black seats inside, and a prominent orange spoiler on the back. Despite being called a Speedboat, no engine or propellers can be found anywhere around the exterior of the vehicle.

The exterior of the boat is colored cyan by default, however, it can be changed by the player after purchase. The secondary white color cannot be changed.


  • The Speedboat was first revealed in Adopt Me!'s Test Lab.
  • The Speedboat is the first vehicle that is a boat in Adopt Me!.
  • It is the second vehicle in Adopt Me! that can only be used on water; the first one being the Surfboard, and the third one being the Trireme.
  • The platform that the Speedboat is placed on replaced the Limo and Glider platforms. Both of these items can now only be found in the in-game shop tab.
  • If the player tries to use the Speedboat on land, a message will pop up telling the player that this vehicle can only be used on water.