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The Snowman is a limited uncommon pet in Adopt Me! that was released on December 15, 2020, during the Winter Holiday (2020) event. It could have been purchased during the event for Gingerbread.png 2,000. As the event has ended, it is currently only obtainable through trading.


The Snowman is made up of 2 white snowballs, a smaller sphere-shaped one for the head and a larger oval-shaped one for the body. It has 2 black beady eyes, a carrot nose, 3 black buttons on its body, and arms made of brown twigs. Unlike most pets, it has no legs visible when idle.


Listed below are the tricks the Snowman learns in order:

  • Newborn - Sit
  • Junior - Joyful
  • Pre-Teen - Beg
  • Teen - Jump
  • Post-Teen - Trick 1
  • Full Grown - Trick 2

Neon Appearance

The Neon Snowman glows light orange on its carrot nose and three buttons.

Mega Neon Appearance

The Mega Neon Snowman glows in the same areas as the Neon Snowman, except these areas cycle through the colors of the rainbow.


  • The Snowman's twig arms are turned into legs when a player holds it.
  • When doing tasks such as eating, the Snowman has unique animations that show it holding its head in its two hands.
  • When doing the sleep task, the Snowman holds two of its buttons while the third one spins on its head.
  • When walking, the Snowman bounces instead of walking like other pets.
  • The Snowman has a toy counterpart known as the Snowman Rattle.
  • The Snowman, Fallow Deer, Glyptodon, Silly Duck, Kangaroo, Frog, Lamb, Stegosaurus, Bullfrog, Ribbon Seal, and Goat are currently the only pets that move around by hopping/jumping.