Snowball Launcher

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The Snowball Launcher is a limited common toy that was added to Adopt Me! during the Winter Event 2020. Since it has left the game, players can obtain it through trading.

Players had to look around the map for presents, which, when searched, gave players the Snowball Launcher parts. After searching through three presents players were given the Snowball Launcher, along with Gingerbread.png 800.


The Snowball Launcher has two light-gray prongs with a darker gray handle. A white string stretches across the ends of the prongs; this leads to a blue snowball holder. In the center of the Snowball Launcher, there is a small teal oval.


It serves no real purpose and is purely a collectible/cosmetic. When interacted with, an animation is played and a snowball is launched from the Snowball Launcher. When the snowball comes in contact with another object, it will "explode" and emit white particle effects.

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