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The Snow Weather Update is an update in Adopt Me! that began on May 12, 2022 and returns on the 28th of every month. It brought a weather board, map changes, and the Snowy Igloo Shop into the game, as well as new toys, pet accessories, vehicles, and pets.

In this update, a weather board was placed in front of the Accessory Shop. This weather board predicts the weather in-game, and consequently, the map change associated with this weather. There are currently three types of weather: snowy, desert, and sunny. On the board, a snowflake is depicted for snowy weather; a cactus for desert weather; and a sun for sunny weather.

The left side of the board shows the current weather, while the right side of the board shows upcoming weather. The weather changes every 24 hours.

Snowy Igloo Shop

Main article: Snowy Igloo Shop

The Snowy Igloo Shop was released during this update; here, players can buy toys, pet accessories, vehicles, and pets. These items and pets are obtainable in the Snowy Igloo Shop on the 28th of every month for 36 hours. During its rotation, the Snowy Igloo Shop is located in front of the playground, where the river would have been. This shop’s NPC is Aurora.

Obtainable Pets

Pet Image Rarity Price
Ultra-Rare Robux 2019 Logo Black.svg 199 (Golden Clam)
Golden Albatross
Golden Albatross.png
Legendary Robux 2019 Logo Black.svg 199 (Golden Clam)
Diamond Albatross
Diamond Albatross.png
Legendary Robux 2019 Logo Black.svg 199 (Golden Clam)
Ribbon Seal
Ribbon Seal.png
Ultra-Rare Bucks.png 700

Obtainable Items

Item Image Rarity Price
Snowflake Throwing Disc
Snowflake Throwing Disc.png
Uncommon Bucks.png 250
Snowman Plushie Friend
Snowman Plushie Friend.png
Uncommon Bucks.png 95
Ice Lolly
Ice Lolly.png
Rare Bucks.png 2
Tundra Violin
Tundra Violin.png
Rare Bucks.png 450
Ski Pole Pogo
Ski Pole Pogo.png
Ultra-Rare Bucks.png 995
Snow Balloon
Snow Balloon.png
Ultra-Rare Bucks.png 800
Ice Grapple
Ice Grapple.png
Legendary Bucks.png 5,000
Snow Mobile Stroller
Snow Mobile Stroller.png
Ultra-Rare Bucks.png 1,200
Tundra Exploration Machine
Tundra Exploration Machine.png
Ultra-Rare Bucks.png 3,000
Snow Plow
Snow Plow.png
Ultra-Rare Bucks.png 3,000

Pet Wear

Pet Wear Image Price Rarity
Snowflake Badge
Snowflake Badge.png
Bucks.png 50 Common
Snowflake Earrings
Snowflake Earrings.png
Bucks.png 250 Uncommon
Tundra Explorer Goggles
Tundra Explorer Goggles.png
Bucks.png 500 Rare
Cosy Snow Scarf
Cosy Snow Scarf.png
Bucks.png 550 Rare
Fluffy Earmuffs
Fluffy Earmuffs.png
Bucks.png 600 Rare
Snow Cloud Wings
Snow Cloud Wings.png
Bucks.png 1,600 Ultra-Rare
Cosy Snow Hat
Cosy Snow Hat.png
Bucks.png 1,850 Ultra-Rare